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TC | Tim Curry

TC has always had a progressive style of design & creativity. His meticulous nature has contributed to his success and driven his work to be sought out by prominent individuals and style icons, such as celebrity actors, athletes, musicians, photographers, models, magazines/press, etc.

Armed with a charismatic personality, a vigor to wow and a desire to win; TC operates in a methodical, organized fashion with a hands-on personal approach accompanied by a strong follow-thru work ethic. As such, he has been honored for innovativeness & exemplary sales on many occasions.

TC is proficient in implementation, task & team management, problem solving, effective communication and operating under stringent timelines. In addition, he has excelled in the areas of business development, sales & marketing, project management… in January 2004 TC moved from Newport Beach, CA to Las Vegas, NV as a principal partner in land/development ventures ranging from $1M-$25M, handling all areas of the transaction from procurement to exit.

TC has participated at a high level in many competitive sports and knows what an athlete wants in a strategic alliance. As a forthright business person and effective negotiator, TC will always strive to create a win-win situation, which typically merits the admiration of his peers, thus cementing long and loyal relationships.

TC has a 7 year young son, Kai Jude Curry, who holds his heart, inspires him daily and drives his passion to impact the world with positive light, artistic relevance and meaningful contribution, thus leaving a righteous legacy.

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