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Voolii Friends,

We have made some more improvements to our website. Thanks for your support!

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Hello Voolii Friends,     
In 2013 the stage is set for an exciting and momentous year of Volleyball. Voolii is very grateful for your support and opportunity to help build a better volley community! Once again, we will be sponsoring and partnering with pro & amateur athletes, tours, tournaments, leagues, clubs/teams, facilities, charities & more!

Here at Voolii, we feel honored and privileged to be in a position to provide a lifestyle brand for the great community and sport of Volleyball which we love so much. We are grateful for the opportunity to support Volleyball organizations, individuals, and players in every capacity. That’s why we jumped in when we heard about a 13-year-old girl volleyball star named Braquell from the Edge Volleyball Club in Las Vegas, Nevada who was diagnosed with Leukemia during the 2012 season. 

Check Out Voolii's Top 5 Selling Products This Month!

Today we're excited to share the top five best selling products from the Online Voolii Store in September.  Make sure you check back often as we continually add the latest volleyball apparel including hats, tees,accessories and much more. Voolii sells gift certificates  too just in case you want to get ahead with your Christmas shopping! Without further ado, here are the top five selling products this month from the Online Voolii Store:

Check Out Voolii's Top 3 Selling Products This Month!

Today we're excited to share the top three best selling products from the Online Voolii Store in August.We get new items on a regular basis so make sure you check back often for the latest Tees, Tops, Hats, Accessories and much more. Don't forget, we sell gift certificates too just in case you have an avid Volleyball fan on your Christmas list!

Voolii was founded in 2011 to provide the evolving Volleyball community with an exciting brand of their own.  They gained instant popularity and took the Volleyball world by storm. Voolii continues to be a highly recognized pillar in the sport of Volleyball.   

The Voolii team is on a mission to further define the unique Volleyball culture and lifestyle.  They’ve taken their efforts worldwide while continuing to give back to the community that has embraced them. Their passion and dedication for the sport of Volleyball is second to none.

You’ll find the Voolii folks connecting the world through lifestyle, sport, humanity, fashion and creativity.

Voolii was founded by Tim Curry who is fondly referred to as T.C.  He has titles including Creative Junkie, Father, Entrepreneur, Musician and Life of the Party. You’ll find T.C. outfitting Volleyball athletes and tournament attendees with Voolii  gear including  stylish tees , accessories, home decor and much more.  T.C. is a common fixture at all the prominent Volleyball events. Make sure to say hello if you see him there!

We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you our new and improved Voolii website. The new site offers our supporters the opportunity to learn more about our sponsored athletes and organizations, events, vision, the sport of Volleyball and much more.
We are proud to be a solid pillar in the volleyball community around the world and now our improved website is well on its way to reflecting that!

Here are some of the things that will you find here:

  • Voolii Sponsorships and Athletes
  • Voolii Events
  • Voolii Charitable Organizations and Outreach Programs 
  • Voolii Pics and Videos 
  • Voolii Sneak Previews and Updates 
  • Voolii Web Store - Shop the Latest Styles

Thanks for your support and remember to keep sending us your pictures in Voolii gear for our website and Facebook!

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The Big South is the Junior National Qualifier and is set to commence on March 29th 2012 through April 1st 2012.  This qualifier will feature girls ages 10-18 throughout one jam packed weekend. Talk about a mad house, and the perfect opportunity to spread some Voolii love! 58,000 attendees are expected throughout the weekend. Over 3,785 club and high school coaches and 372 coaches and recruiters from the top colleges all over the country will be scouting to discover potential players for next year’s roster. Voolii is going to light up the Convention Center with Stylish Trucker Hats (available in a billion colors.. haaa) and roCk’n with some siCkzz stickers that you can’t find anywhere else … Voolii Icons, Wave Logo and V-Wings.. 

On Thursday March 29th The Big South will host the IMPACE Coaches Clinic at Noon, followed by "How to Get a College Coach's Attention" Seminar from 5:30-6:00pm in room B309. The USA Volleyball High Performance Tryouts will take place from 4pm to 8pm. All play will be at the Georgia World Congress Center at 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW Atlanta, Georgia.

The Big South is sure to step up the expectations for future qualifiers. Don’t miss out on being a part of exciting volleyball matches and visiting Voolii’s Booth, as well as all the other exhibits, between games. There is SO much to see. ARE YOU READY!

Come get Vooliified!


For more information, please visit The Big South National Qualifier’s website: http://bigsouth.us/

The Colorado Crossroads is the Junior National Qualifier and is just around the corner starting on Feb 25th 2012! ! This year will be more exciting than ever as “Voolii”, a revolutionary lifestyle brand with its core loyalty being the sport of volleyball; will be attending both weekends at the tournament. Voolii will have a retail & display booth in the exhibit gallery featuring some of their stellar products (see the links below). The sport of volleyball continues to grow and is more appreciated every year, as a result, this years event is said to have several more teams than the last.

EXTRA, EXTRA… Two very exciting and progressive companies have emerged within the World of Volleyball, Voolii and Volleywood.net.

Individually, these companies are remarkable and impressive. However, recently they have joined forces to create a major buzz around the volleyball world through their fan appreciation giveaway promotion. Learn all about it… read!

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