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Volleyball boasts Fashion and Hollywood swagger!!!!

Aug 25

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8/25/2011 8:31 AM  RssIcon

EXTRA, EXTRA… Two very exciting and progressive companies have emerged within the World of Volleyball, Voolii and Volleywood.net.

Individually, these companies are remarkable and impressive. However, recently they have joined forces to create a major buzz around the volleyball world through their fan appreciation giveaway promotion. Learn all about it… read!


"Vool"- Urban definition..."Extra or Super Cool" * Voolii (Vool-e) a word play on Volley

Voolii is a progressive Lifestyle Line featuring Apparel, Accessories and Décor. Partnered with top Pro Beach and Indoor Volleyball Players, Voolii creates imaginative products embodying the essence of volleyball culture, beach life, action sports vibe, music, art & fashion. Its focus is on fine detail, originality, comfort and ultimate style. Voolii also takes special measures to provide “TALL/SLIM FIT” clothing for the many tall and slender bodied athletes.

Voolii exemplifies Volleyball lifestyle, culture, community & vibe... “It’s what we love to do… the game is our passion”… Play 4 Life TM (P4L) TM. Voolii’s mission is to synergize with all key Volleyball organizations and affiliates such as FIVB, USAV, PBVA & many others and to utilize their “Fashion Verticals” to help increase appeal & awareness to the sport, while contributing monetary support to these organizations and the Sport of Volleyball.  

Check out their full line of fashion & lifestyle clothing, accessories and décor. Everything from basic tees, fashion tees, snap-down / button-down tops, 4-way stretch trunks, fitness pants, sweat suits, hats, handbags, sport bags, belts, jewelry, stickers, decals, home décor… lamps, rugs, picture frames and lots more.

Voolii is Sponsoring Volleyball Players & Organizations * Creating Vibe, Stellar Products & Loving Life

Facebook: Voolii Lifestyle   *    www.vooliiboom.com   *   Twitter: @Voolii


Volleywood.net is THE PREMIER SOURCE FOR VOLLEYBALL NEWS. It shines the Hollywood spotlight on the sport and its players in a relaxed fun way. Volleywood features the hottest athletes and interviews with the playmakers, while capturing the pulse of the global volleyball community. This is where you'll read and see the most current, interesting and relevant news, pics and videos surrounding volleyball’s superstars, both on and off the court. Volleywood.net is a platform for players, coaches, affiliates and fans from all over the world to interact with each other and share exclusive insight 24/7.

Volleywood.Net is a website and social media platform dedicated to the growth in popularity of Volleyball. Countless professional players and Olympic Gold Medalists, like Reid Priddy, Giba, Heather Bown and Lloy Ball have endorsed Volleywood as a trusted and reliable source for volleyball news and updates. These players and many more continue to enthusiastically join its community, expanding content and increasing excitement through fan/player interaction.

Since it’s launching in June 2009, Volleywood.net has become a positive and amusing venue for people to interact and to share their thoughts about the game and their favorite players. Furthermore, it has also branched out to other social networks such as Twitter, Youtube and it even has its own store on Zazzle

Volleywood.net has been a key part of drawing in fans and supporters for national teams and players on a world-wide basis, and has done so in a very convenient and engaging approach. Volleywood’s mission is to increase fan interest through relevant connectivity to the sport, thus allowing the sport and the athletes to grow their networks. Be sure to get your daily updates and stay informed at Volleywood.net!

Facebook: Volleywood   *    www.volleywood.net   *   Twitter: @Volleyw00d


Volleywood and Voolii fan appreciation giveaway promotion

Volleywood and Voolii have teamed up in an effort to engage and excite the worldwide fans of the sport of Volleyball. These two progressive companies have launched a fan appreciation giveaway promotion, in which fans will win free Voolii fashion and lifestyle products. The ultimate goal is to get Volleyball awareness, appreciation and visibility to the next level. Considering that Volleyball is the world's second largest participant sport, second only to soccer, this shouldn't be that difficult. Keep in mind, Volleyball features some of the most fit, attractive and dynamic athletes in the world, and in many cases the beach is their place of business. That reeks of sexy!

If you would like to get in on the giveaway action, visit www.volleywood.net or www.vooliiboom.com

Here is list of some of the upcoming events you can find Voolii at:

August 19-21, 2011 * Corona Light Wide Open
North side of  Hermosa Beach Pier
Pier Ave and the Strand

September 1-5, 2011 * Motherlode Aspen, CO.
39th Annual - The Largest Doubles Volleyball Event in America - Labor Day Weekend

October 1, 2011 * San Diego Six-Man
Located at Mariner's Point in San Diego
Six on six beach volleyball at its best. With creative costumes and names,
teams will show their talents throughout the day

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Re: Volleyball boasts Fashion and Hollywood swagger!!!!

Great to hear about the awesome stuff happening with Voolii. BOOM!

By Bill Webster on   8/25/2011 8:52 AM

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Re: Volleyball boasts Fashion and Hollywood swagger!!!!
Great to hear about the awesome stuff happening with Voolii. BOOM!

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