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Aug 23

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8/23/2012 3:00 AM  RssIcon

Voolii was founded in 2011 to provide the evolving Volleyball community with an exciting brand of their own.  They gained instant popularity and took the Volleyball world by storm. Voolii continues to be a highly recognized pillar in the sport of Volleyball.   

The Voolii team is on a mission to further define the unique Volleyball culture and lifestyle.  They’ve taken their efforts worldwide while continuing to give back to the community that has embraced them. Their passion and dedication for the sport of Volleyball is second to none.

You’ll find the Voolii folks connecting the world through lifestyle, sport, humanity, fashion and creativity.

Voolii was founded by Tim Curry who is fondly referred to as T.C.  He has titles including Creative Junkie, Father, Entrepreneur, Musician and Life of the Party. You’ll find T.C. outfitting Volleyball athletes and tournament attendees with Voolii  gear including  stylish tees , accessories, home decor and much more.  T.C. is a common fixture at all the prominent Volleyball events. Make sure to say hello if you see him there!

T.C. is changing the way the world views Volleyball with the following Voolii vision

●  Through the sport of Volleyball - healthy competition, sharpening of skills & team camaraderie we can change lives around the  world.

●  Through our giveback program we can contribute much needed monetary support to many less fortunate people.

●   Through creativity and positive attitude we can add  brightness to the world in every stop we make, everywhere we go.

●  Through our passion, love and belief in possibility…We CAN do anything, especially with your support.

Voolii and T.C. continue to be recognized as one of the most progressive outfitters in the global Volleyball community.  By partnering with some of the top Pro Volleyball Players on the planet and uniting with highly known Ambassadors & Organizations of the sport of Volleyball, Voolii is reinventing the way the world views the sport they love.

Visit the Voolii  website to see the full line of Voolii Volleyball Fashion and Lifestyle offerings

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Re: Volleyball boasts Fashion and Hollywood swagger!!!!
Great to hear about the awesome stuff happening with Voolii. BOOM!

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