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Edge Volleyball Club Thanks Voolii for Support

Nov 7

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11/7/2012 11:03 AM  RssIcon

Here at Voolii, we feel honored and privileged to be in a position to provide a lifestyle brand for the great community and sport of Volleyball which we love so much. We are grateful for the opportunity to support Volleyball organizations, individuals, and players in every capacity. That’s why we jumped in when we heard about a 13-year-old girl volleyball star named Braquell from the Edge Volleyball Club in Las Vegas, Nevada who was diagnosed with Leukemia during the 2012 season. 


When a player from Edge Volleyball Club in Las Vegas, Nevada needed help, Voolii was the first to offer its support. Thirteen year old Braquell was diagnosed with Leukemia during the 2012 club volleyball season. As her team mates and coaches rallied to her aid, Voolii joined in the cause, donating shirts, hats and stickers for a fundraiser in her name.

Players and their families loved the volleyball inspired apparel and appreciated Voolii's support for one of their own. "We couldn't have done it without Voolii", said Coach Tani Nihipali. "Their donations were the highlight of our fundraiser. Everybody loved the clothes and wanted more!"

Thank you, TC and everyone at Voolii!

The Voolii team feels blessed and grateful to have become a solid pillar in the global Volleyball community. We created Voolii for a handful of pure and simple reasons:

●     To provide the Volleyball community with a brand and identity of its own

●     To provide hard-working Volleyball athletes with monetary sponsorship

●     To support volleyball tours, organizations and events on a massive scale

Together, we strive to improve the quality of life here on earth in every way possible and pass on these ideals to future generations:

●   Through the sport of Volleyball- healthy competition, sharpening of skills & team camaraderie -   we can change lives around the world.

●   Through our give back program we can contribute much needed monetary support to many less fortunate people.

●   Through creativity and positive attitude we can add brightness to the world in every stop we    make, everywhere we go.

Voolii is partnered with some of best pro Volleyball players, ambassadors and organizations worldwide. Alongside our Volleyball community and fans of the game, Voolii will change the world and sport of Volleyball forever.

“May you rise to the level of your passion” -- Voolii

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Edge Volleyball Club Thanks Voolii for Support

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