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Voolii Vision… a destined journey…

Voolii was created for a handful of pure & simple reasons:

  • Provide the volleyball community & lifestyle with a "brand and identity" of its own
  • Provide hard-working volleyball athletes with monetary sponsorship
  • Support volleyball tours, organizations and events on a massive scale
  • A movement much greater than ourselves; help support the many charitable organizations & outreach programs within our Volleyball community worldwide
  • Utilize our far-reaching “fashion business verticals” and “fashion relevancy” to develop a greater interest and allure around the sport of volleyball & our athletes
  • Design high-quality & unique lifestyle fashion products that inspire humanity
  • Add joy, color and fun to the world and enrich the souls of each individual we meet at every place we visit
  • Connect an entire planet thru lifestyle, sport, humanity, fashion and creativity… Play 4 Life TM.

Together we can improve our “Quality of Life” here on earth in every way possible and pass on these values & principles to the next generations to come…

  • Through the sport of volleyball - healthy competition, sharpening of skills & team camaraderie - we can change lives around the world.
  • Through our giveback programs we can contribute much needed monetary support to many less fortunate people.
  • Through creativity and positive attitude we can add brightness to the world in every stop we make, everywhere we go.
  • Through our passion, love and belief in possibility… We CAN do anything, especially with your support.

We are partnered with some of the best pro volleyball players worldwide, and also united with some of the top ambassadors & organizations of the sport of volleyball. Alongside our volleyball community and fans of the game, Voolii will change the world & the sport of volleyball forever.

Voolii is very pleased and grateful to have become a solid pillar in the Volleyball community around the world.

~ May you rise to the level of your passion… Voolii

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